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Functional Legolas PVC Short Bow from The Hobbit

Functional Legolas PVC Short Bow from The Hobbit

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This is our version of the Legolas Short Bow from The Hobbit films. The coloring is two-toned black and gold wood finish. The handle is black and it fades into the gold finish at the tips. The 3D "mushroom" design is meticulously shaped and designed by hand from foam. It is fully functional and feels very compact upon shooting.

General Draw-Weight: 40-45 pounds. If you would like a different poundage please message us. We are happy to help.

The default handle design will be black.

We have recently added an arrows option to all of our bows. These are fully functional carbon arrows. They measure 32" in length with a blue and white fletching. They are great for target practice and are very competitively priced at $4/arrow. If you would like to purchase more than a bundle of 9, please message us.

Be advised that a bow and arrow is a weapon so please use caution and common sense while using.


Our bows are made of Schedule 40 PVC pipe. They are heated and shaped to make the particular designs you see in here. All of our bows are ambidextrous (meaning you can use them right or left-handed). They make great cosplay accessories and are completely functional!

Pvc pipe has some awesome qualities that other materials don't. It is waterproof. It is very durable, so you don't have to worry about any of the abuse that would make archers cringe, such as dropping it, banging it against objects, stepping on it, or dry-firing it (firing the bow without an arrow loaded on the string). The pvc bow is quite resistant to dry fire. However, out of good archery etiquette, we recommend that you not constantly dry fire your bow. This benefit mostly serves as a safety for those who, unfamiliar with archery, grab the bow and dry fire it.

We have yet to see a loss in poundage in our bows. These bows will hold their own compared to bows made of other materials. It does seem that they retain their poundage fairly well even when left strung. Again, out of good archery etiquette, we recommend unstringing the bow when not in use. To learn how to string/unstring the bow, please look us up on youtube.


The string is 550 Paracord. We have never experienced any issues with this type of string. It holds up to any of the stresses that archery can put on a string. It does have some initial stretch which we take care of prior to shipping. We test all the bows with dry fire and live fire multiple times to ensure functionality and to stretch the string. The diameter is a bit larger than the average bow string, but we have found that most arrow nocks can adapt fairly well to paracord. Plus, using paracord allows us to offer our products for lower prices because it is affordable and easy to work with.

If a spare string is desired, feel free to ask us! Replacement strings are also available, should yours become lost or damaged; just ask!

If you desire a special finish, like the wooden finish, camo, etc. please look at the Deluxe Finish item in our shop. It is a separate item that you must add to your cart in the same purchase. There you will find some pictures and descriptions of these finishes. Many of our nicer bows already come with the Deluxe Finish included in the price, the different finishes being available in the drop down menu when ordering. The Deluxe Finish Item mostly serves as an option for our simpler, more affordable bows, like our Take-Down bows, that don’t normally come with a deluxe finish.

Check it out here:

To preserve the finish, we spray on a couple coats of sealant. That will hold up to some natural usage and accidents. However, this is still a temporary fix at best. With time and use, the finish may begin to wear. Nicks and scratches can easily be fixed with inexpensive materials. If you wish to be walked through re-touching your bow, please contact us.

These bows will work great with just about any type of arrow. If you have a bow without an arrow rest, you will be shooting off the hand. If you are to shoot off the hand, we recommend that you get arrows that are two inches longer than your usual draw length (for example, if you normally use 28 inch arrows, you would use 30 inch arrows). This is to ensure that the arrow clears your hand safely, so you don't risk injury to your hand.

-Arrow Rests-
We now offer arrow rests! They are available for sale as a separate item to purchase. Any arrow rest purchase will come with a leather handle (if the bow does not already come with a leather handle). The leather can also be purchased without the arrow rest. The different options are described in the description and are available in the drop down menu. Check it out at:

We guarantee the bows will last under any normal archery/cosplay stresses. If the bow malfunctions through natural use, we will fix or replace it at no extra charge. We ask that you send us a photo as proof and that you explain what happened. If you'd rather not receive a replacement, we will refund you. In either case, you must send back the malfunctioning bow. Some exceptions may apply to orders outside of the US, due to the cost of shipping. We will treat each case individually.

If you live close to either Provo, Utah or Peoria, Arizona, you can opt to bring your bow for repair/replacement instead of shipping. Please contact us and we’ll arrange a time.

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