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Add-on: Handle Options

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This listing is to be purchased in addition to a bow.

After many, many requests for arrow rests and leather handle wrap, we have made available this Handle Options for PVC Bows as a means of providing that service to you with your purchase of a bow!

The arrow rest consists of a leather handle wrap with a small tab, fashioned out of pvc pipe, protruding from it. The tab will be similar to that pictured above. It will simply jut out at an angle slightly above a 90 degrees so that the arrow will, by nature of the inclination, stay close to the bow. PLEASE INDICATE WITH YOUR PURCHASE WHICH SIDE YOU WOULD LIKE THE ARROW REST ON! Unfortunately, PVC pipe does not hold glue very well, so it is not uncommon for the arrow rest to become lose when shipped. If this occurs, super glue it back in place and it will be good as new.

Colors: the default color of the arrow rest will be the same color as the handle. Please indicate if you would like any other colors and we will accommodate.

-Description of the Options-
Arrow Rest+Wrap: Intended for bows that don't already come with leather or cord wrapping, for which an arrow rest is desired. Mostly an option for the Take-down bows. But there are a few bows that don't normally come with leather or cord. Arrow rests installed on take-down bows are ambidextrous (can work right or left handed). Simply rotate the handle, while the bow is unstrung, and bring the arrow rest to the other side. You select the type of wrap (cord or leather) with the color in the Color dropdown menu.

Wrap w/o Arrow Rest: Intended for bows that don't already come with leather or cord, for which no arrow rest is desired. This could serve for the takedown bows, as well as for bows that usually get cord wraps and you'd prefer leather, vice versa, or don't have leather already.

Arrow Rest Only: Intended for bows that already come with leather or cord wrap, for which an arrow rest is desired. This would be most of the nice, replica bows. As shown in the picture, a tab will be inserted into the leather or cordage.

Arrow Rest LH+RH: Intended to provide arrow rests on both sides of the handle. LH meaning Left Hand; RH meaning Right Hand. Purchase of this will add leather or cord if the bow doesn't already have it.


The Color option refers to the color of the wrap desired. If you don't want to alter the color of leather or cord of a bow that already has it, just use the Default option under the colors tab. For any bow that doesn't come with leather, please select a color. If you select default, we will use black leather.

The arrow tab, for now, will always be black, regardless of the color of leather.

If there is any doubt or confusion as to what your order will get you, please contact us and we'll clear it up!