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Merida Bow, Quiver, and Arrow Deluxe Bundle

Merida Bow, Quiver, and Arrow Deluxe Bundle

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"If you have a chance to change your fate, would you?" -Princess Merida

We have here our deluxe Merida bow with design and full detailing, quiver, and three prop arrows. This is your chance to get the complete look all in the same place!

The bow:

This is our take on Merida's bow with the addition of the Celtic design and full detailing! We have replicated the two tone brown coloring. The bow comes with a brown handle wrap, rocks, and a designed foam circle.

General Draw-Weight: 30-35 pounds. If you would like a different poundage please message us. We are happy to help.

It shoots wonderfully and looks amazing. We are very pleased with how the bow turned out, and are happy to offer it to you! The bow measures about 56 inches unstrung, 51 inches strung. It is ambidextrous.

The Quiver:
It is made from PVC pipe and decorated with the celtic symbol seen in the movie (and on our bows). It comes with full detailing and a strap that wraps around ones hips.

This quiver is 4" wide and 18 inches tall. This can be customized based on length of leg (measured from the hip to the knee), as well as the length of the strap that fits around the hip. The current strap can accommodate a 48" hip. If you need a bigger size, please let us know and we will attached a longer strap for your convenience.

Prop Arrows:

This set comes with 3 white foam arrows. These prop arrows are made from foam and wooden dowels that have been made to create a clean, look to complete any costume or replica look. These are convention safe and can be customized. There are only two fletching per arrow to make for easier transportation.

A big thank you to Chelsea for taking pictures with our deluxe set of bow, quiver, and prop arrows and letting us use them! Chelsea is the owner of My Pretty Princess Party and does a fabulous job. You can find more from her at: